Pay Per Click Advertising is still a Necessary Evil

Search Engine Marketing in Conjunction with SEO

Online advertising allows companies, both large and small, to expand their online marketing footprint, to tap into new, highly targeted audiences via search, display or social ads. A properly organized Pay Per Click advertising strategy must include strategic planning, top-notch creative services, and continuous campaign tracking and optimization.


Product listing ads now often trump keyword-targeted ads and are getting wider exposure through syndication on the search partner and display networks. – Fredrick Vallaeys, CEO, Top Tier Inc.


Your online advertising strategy may include paid ads displayed across major search platforms such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Social Media ads on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can also be effective mediums to garner maximum brand visibility. The first step is to determine your business goals and narrow down your ideal audience so you can place you in front of the right people at the right time.

By using compelling copy and imagery, your search, display and social ads inspire your audience to take action and reach out to you.

  • Generate Leads & Build your Client Base
  • Brand Recognition & Consumer Engagement
  • Convert Cold Prospects into Loyal Customers

Regular reporting and ongoing optimization efforts ensure that you receive maximum ROI for all of your online advertising campaigns.

What is Remarketing or Retargeting?

Remarketing is a highly effective Pay-Per-Click campaign management technique allowing your ads to be seen over and over again. Not only will your message be seen by prior website visitors, but because of the variety of formats and custom tailoring options, your ads will never grow stale.

By combining an aggressive remarketing strategy with rigorous keyword research and proper testing, your conversion percentage is sure to skyrocket. Remarketing is not a fad to be taken lightly — it’s the final piece of the puzzle needed so your PPC marketing finally garners the positive results you expect.

Don’t Forget Product Listing Services

Google Shopping can be an absolute boon to those business owners selling physical products. A properly organized Product Listing campaign includes strategic planning, product data feed management, Product Listing Ads bid optimization and much more. By managing and refining all aspects of your PLA campaigns, you can help create maximum return on investment while saving you time and money so you can concentrate on your business.

Pay Per Click Advertising can help take your business to the next level if done properly. Don’t count on simply one way to drive traffic to your site; instead make sure you have several options to reach your target audience.

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