SEO is Crucial to your Online Success

Think SEO is a Waste of Your Time? Think Again.

Search engines are truly the most effective way to market your business or services today because they echo the online shopping and research habits of the general public.


The future of SEO is here: understanding and marketing to specific and defined audiences through search engines. – Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG


All of the major search engines are designed to help consumers find exactly what they are looking for whether it’s a local business, product or particular service. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process whereby one goes about updating or enhancing a website so that it stands a greater chance of improved rankings within the search engine results for a particular search term. The goal is to optimize your website so that potential clients or customers will be able to find your site at or near the top of the search engine results pages (SERP’s) when looking for a business or site similar to yours.

What is Involved in a Typical SEO Campaign?

  • Keyword Research: Research, analysis and implementation of the most relevant and effective keyword phrases to help drive hyper-targeted traffic your products or services.
  • Meta Optimization: Meta Title, Meta Description and H1/H2 creation and implementation to help further increase the relevancy of your website in the eyes of Google.
  • Website Copy: Website content edits to your existing copy to increase relevancy and improve conversion for your most important site pages and posts.
  • Link Building: Keyword focused links to your site in the form of business directory submissions, social bookmarking sites, industry relevant blogs and other authoritative backlink sources.
  • Business Listings: Creation, categorization, submission, and verification of your business profile listings on top business profile sites including Google Maps and other local map directories.

Effective SEO Strategies

An effective SEO strategy will help to drive traffic directly to your website as well as enhance your search engine rankings and online marketing footprint. And because Search Engines try to deliver the most precise results possible, with proper SEO you can increase your traffic quality – not just quantity. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a necessity today for all businesses. Most people use search engines to research and purchase online, but a prospective customer will only find you if your site is optimized for high rankings on the top search engines.


On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics. – Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager, Bing


Google estimates that upwards of 15 billion searches are performed on their site every single month. Some estimates state that 90% of search engine based clicks to sites come from the first ten results (first page), and 67% come from the first three results. This means if your business is not on the first page, there is only a 10% chance of being found. Can you understand why you need SEO?

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