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Digital Marketing Case Study

Campaign Summary

We proposed a suite of digital marketing services to remedy the client’s online challenges. The adoption of SEO optimization was crucial to enhance their online visibility, ensuring potential clients could easily find them. Recognizing the pivotal role of first impressions, their website underwent a redesign, focusing on user experience and clear conversion pathways. To foster a genuine online community and engage a wider audience, a strategic content calendar was introduced for their social media platforms. Lastly, targeted Google Ads were chosen to cut through the noise of the competitive legal digital space, ensuring that their ads reached those most in need of their expertise.


Search Engine Optimization

Comprehensive on-page and off-page strategies were employed to elevate the firm's website to the 1st page of Google search results for key phrases.


Conversion Rate Optimization

The firm's site was overhauled for better user experience and mobile compatibility, incorporating clear Calls to Action (CTAs) to guide visitors toward engagement.


Social Media Strategy

A content calendar was crafted for Facebook and LinkedIn, spotlighting client success stories and legal insights, bolstering engagement and doubling followers.


Targeted Advertising

Through meticulous keyword research, ads were specifically tailored to the firm's specialty areas, driving a marked increase in click-through rates and online inquiries.


The Problem:

The client faced multiple digital marketing challenges. Their online visibility was weak with an outdated, non-mobile-friendly website that suffered from high bounce rates. Their social media presence was minimal, and their generic ad campaigns led to low engagement. Furthermore, they weren’t utilizing email marketing to capitalize on their existing client base.


The Solution:

To address all digital marketing issues, a multi-pronged approach was proposed. This included robust SEO optimization to improve search rankings, a complete website redesign to enhance user experience, a targeted social media strategy for better engagement on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, keyword-focused Google Ads for more relevant traffic, retargeting campaigns to re-engage potential clients, and an email marketing strategy to leverage their existing client database.


The Results:

Following the proposed solutions, the client experienced significant improvements over six months. Their website ranking jumped to the 1st page on Google, website engagement improved with a 40% drop in bounce rates, and social media engagement surged by 300%. Additionally, the conversion rate of online leads increased by 50%, their Google Ads’ click-through rate doubled, and the email campaigns achieved a 25% open rate, resulting in a 30% rise in client referrals.

Law Office Success Story

Wrap Up & Next Steps

After implementing the digital marketing strategies, the client witnessed remarkable success. Their online visibility surged, with their website reaching the 1st page of Google search results. Engagement metrics across their website and social platforms saw significant boosts, leading to a 50% uptick in online lead conversion and a noteworthy increase in client referrals via email campaigns. As the campaign continues, the goal remains to maintain this upward trajectory, further optimize the ad strategies for greater ROI, and continuously refine their content approach to foster deeper client engagement and loyalty.